Tom MacDonald Shouts Out Eminem, Biggie & Tupac On His New Song “Cancelled”

Listen to Tom MacDonald’s new “Cancelled” Song.

Tom MacDonald continues releasing new material as he drops another new song titled “Cancelled”, which is a self-produced track and the music video is also directed by the Canadian rapper. The Song highlight Tom’s wordplay and he raps about how he independently working on his music and no one can cancel him in this Journey. He also names drops Hip-Hop legends Biggie, Tupac, and Eminem.

I’m shooting my shot, I’m Biggie, I’m Shady, I’m new school ‘Pac
Go ahead and call me a piece of garbage, make a starving artist your primary target
I’m the largest monster in the farthest darkness, now my claws are sharpened, I’m an army sergeant

He mentioned Eminem in his recently released track “Fake Woke” too which many considered shots towards the Detroit rapper.

Check out the track below.



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