Tkay Maidza & Yung Baby Tate Slaughter A Glitchy EDM Beat In “KIM”

As women in rap continue to get more light shone on their talents, two female rappers from completely different parts of the world have linked up for an energetic new single. “KIM” marks the first collaboration between Tkay Maidza and Yung Baby Tate, and it is clear from the record that the two rappers have amazing chemistry together.

Tkay Maidza is a Zimbabwe-born and Australia-raised rapper and singer who released Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2 last summer to warm reception, and Yung Baby Tate is an Atlanta-based rapper, singer, and producer who has recently gone viral on TikTok with her song “I Am” with Flo Milli.

To coincide with their new collaboration, the two women released a music video that references a few of the iconic “Kim’s” throughout pop culture history. Over the span of her two verses, Maidza is seen paying homage to Lil’ Kim and Kim Kardashian by sporting a fit similar to the one that the Hard Core artist sported at the 1999 VMAs and recreating Kardashian’s internet-breaking PAPER cover.

What are your thoughts on this new international collaboration?

Quotable Lyrics
Cocky as f***, got a c*** you can suck
My n****** bring bottles and Glocks to the club
Anything’s possible ‘cept for you stoppin’ me but
I know you gon’ try ’cause you dumb

Source: HNH

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