Sony Is Looking to Turn Bananas Into Gaming Controller

Sony Is Looking to Turn Bananas Into Gaming Controller.

Gamers may soon be ready to turn anything into a PlayStation controller. during a new patent filing from Sony, the gaming giant is trying to find ways to detect “passive non-luminous objects” being held by a user therefore the item are often used as a controller.Sony Is Looking to Turn Banana passive non-luminous object gaming controller patent news tech Japan AI VR Gaming PS5 Playstation Patents

This sort of technology would turn household objects into accessories for gaming. This user input generator will work by interpreting changes during a pose through a “trained learning model” where a camera are going to be wont to distinguish the locations of users’ fingers in order that virtual buttons can then be planned out . the simplest part about this patent is that Sony illustrated the proposed tech employing a handheld banana controller which may be found within the tweet below. For more info on the patent, head over to the U.S Patent and Trademark Office’s website.


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