See How Sex Controlled The Life Of Chris D’Elia As He Returns To Social Media & Explains

See How Sex Controlled The Life Of Chris D’Elia As He Returns To Social Media & Explains.

After an 8 month break following allegations of sexual misconduct, the comedian shares a 10-minute video where
he admitted he features a “problem.”

It has been months since Chris D’Elia was first accused of sexual misconduct and therefore the comedian has returned to social media.
In June 2020, a lady surfaced online and accused D’Elia of predatory behavior while she was underage. Soon, more women would come to the fore with allegations of sexual misconduct and as a result, the comedian found his career in jeopardy.
He was dropped by his talent agency and his prank-centered Netflix series was canceled. D’Elia was feeling the pressure of Cancel Culture and shortly , he stopped addressing the allegations and stepped faraway from the spotlight.
He recently returned to YouTube with a 10-minute video where he explains what he’s been up to during his hiatus. “When the news broke, I put out a press release that said everything I’ve done has been legal and consensual, and that is true, and that i wanted that statement to talk for itself,” said the actor. He said that he wanted to right away speak up about everything that was being said, but he thought spending time together with his family was more important.

D’Elia also recognizes that what has been circulating online “looks bad” but he says it doesn’t “show the complete scope of what went on .” he’s adamant that he never engaged in any illegal behavior and through his “time away,” he’s been undergoing therapy and medical advice. “What I even have come to know is that this was always about sex to me,” D’Elia said. “Sex, it controlled my life. it had been my focus all the time and that i had a drag . and that i do have a drag .”

He said that when he started doing comedy, “sex got tons easier and that i felt lucky.” D’Elia added, “I felt like, ‘Oh wow, i do not got to work as hard. I can just do a show then roll in the hay .’ Or roll into a city and appearance at my inbox then just start writing. And I did. I wrote—you’ve seen a number of the messages online, there’s far more than that. i might get a minimum of 50 messages after a show each city an evening , and that i would reply to all or any of them.”

“I would use the familiarities that I had with these women to possess sex. i used to be like, ‘They already know me.’ I did not have to try to to the additional work,” he said about how his celebrity aided in his quests. “It’s something that just became life-controlling. i might believe it all the time.” He admitted to cheating on his “dream girl” fiancé and stated that he wants to be a far better model for his son.

There’s a lot to unpack, so watch Chris D’Elia’s explanation below.

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