Sean Paul React For Saying Jay-Z Was Jealous Of Beyoncé Collab When Comments Went Viral

Sean Paul Denies Saying Jay-Z Was Jealous Of Beyoncé Collab After Comments Went Viral

The Dancehall icon sat down with us and exclusively detailed how his words were taken out of context after his appearance on a station caused a stir.
Their 2003 hit “Baby Boy” was glued to the No. 1 spot on the charts for nine weeks and has become a classic party song worldwide. Yet, ever since the only first hit airwaves, Beyoncé and Sean Paul are the topic of rumors surrounding their collaboration. For nearly 20 years there has been gossip about Jay-Z not approving of his then-girlfriend’s artistic pairing with the Jamaican Dancehall singer-rapper, most notably because Paul and Bey didn’t appear on set together within the music video, and last month, fuel was added to the rumor-mill-fire after Sean Paul appeared on a Jamaican station .
During his interview, the radio host reportedly stated that he believed Jay-Z was jealous at the time and didn’t want Beyoncé around Sean Paul. The singer is reported as believing the host, but he exclusively spoke with us recently and denied he ever said such a thing. Sean Paul detailed what happened and why he continues to face an equivalent gossip decades later, albeit he’s never said anything negative about Jay-Z or Beyoncé.

“It was a radio show here in Jamaica and that i get this regularly. once I attend Texas, also, radio shows there, I don’t know what it’s , people are like, ‘So tell me…’ and it gets thereto part therein interview where they’re like, ‘What happened with you and Beyoncé?’ Nothing really happened. The hit song was dope,” said Paul. “You know, a number of them made up their own mind. that is the whatever. Sometimes with interviews, you’ll say, ‘I’d rather not discuss it,’ on the other hand , people would think that something was happening . So, i used to be trying to defend it like, ‘Hey nah, but weird things did happen, that’s probably why there have been rumors,’ but people skip ‘that’s probably why there have been rumors’ part.”
There were weird things that happened on stage with our performance, with the [music] video. i do know a headline said that ‘oh, Jay-Z didn’t want me there.’ It had nothing to try to to with him as far as I’m concerned,” Sean Paul explained. “[Beyoncé’s] her own artist that was managed by her own manager. They were going out at the time. They weren’t married yet. i do not think he would have influenced whatever her vision was. She’s a really determined person. She’s very precise together with her thoughts and her movements and she or he works very hard. it had been probably her vision.”
“So, what I did discuss therein interview was that there have been some weird things that happened and that is probably why people had rumors about it because a few of times while on stage, we tried to perform [‘Baby Boy’] properly. there have been problems with the ProTools, which does not usually happen. There was problems with my mic in one performance in Germany. That’s probably why people started talking about [it] then this guy did an equivalent thing back to me. So, hey, big up to him,” he said with a chuckle, adding that the host got his viral moment.

Make sure to read our full interview with the Dancehall icon as he speaks about mending divisions within the genre and what fans can expect from his two new albums: “

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