Sángo Releases “One For Omar” In Memory Of His Grandfather

Kai Asa Savon Wright, popularly known as Sango, is a 29-year-old DJ and producer based out of Seattle. Sango is known for his sweet, melodic beats that are largely inspired by American hip hop music. As he describes on his website, he creates “Beats influenced by American hip-hop music, southern, black gospel, 70s/80s soul, straightforward dance music, funk carioca, etc. I could go on, but my point is that when you listen to my music, it’s for you to label if you want. It’s everything I hope you love.” Sango has recently worked with some incredibly notable artists such as Wale, Travis Scott, VanJess, and Xavier Omar. 

Family is very important to Sango, as made evident by his frequent postings of his wife and children online. Unfortunately, Sango’s grandfather, who it seems he was quite close to, passed away on January 29th. He memorialized him in a photo on Instagram, alongside the caption, “My grandpa Omar Abdallah, my aunts and my mom. R.I.P. Grandpa. I know you’re proud of all of us. I’m so glad I had such a rich relationship with you. You taught me rhythm and to love music regardless of the outcome. Create because we should. Long Live Omar.”

On February 6th, Sango released a track to his Soundcloud in memory of his late grandfather, titled “One for Omar.” Sango’s solemn, somber emotions really come through on the beat, which apparently includes a sample from Omar himself. 

Listen to Sango’s heartfelt tribute to his grandfather below. 

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