Rich The Kid & Tori Brixx Breakup Rumors After She Shares Screenshot Of DM

It all began after Tori shared a quick post-and-delete screenshot to her Instagram Story. It’s supposed to be a peek at a conversation that the two were having where Tori calls the rapper out and while it looks like much of the conversation has been censored, internet sleuths have pieced together what may have led to the fallout.

Apparently, DreamDoll was down in Mexico enjoying the sites and spending some time with iguanas, and Rich posted a separate photo of himself with an iguana on his head.

Tori was made aware of the coincidence and sent him a message about him saying he was in Miami, and he responded by giving her the “it wasn’t me” excuse and called her “crazy’s” for believing whatever we can’t see from the covered-up text. Tori even sent him a screenshot of what she found online and told him, “You goofy.”

The engaged couple is no longer following each other on Instagram and some have suggested they’ve been at odds since before Valentine’s Day. Swipe below to check out the posts.

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