Rich The Kid Claims Lil Wayne Called Him A GOAT

Rich The Kid Claims Lil Wayne Called Him A GOAT.

Rich The Kidhas his strengths and he plays to them quite well. Over the course of his career, he’s had a robust hand in dictating the culture and influencing the sound of rap, albeit he doesn’t necessarily get the credit he deserves. However, he’s still receiving praise from many of the titans of hip-hop, collaborating with Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Future, and many of others.

The rapper has maintained an in depth relationship with Lil Wayne over the years. apart from music, their mutual love for skateboarding has brought them together over the years. Rich the child took to Instagram earlier today where he posed with Lil Wayne in Kobe Bryant’s Lakers jersey. Wayne, of course, has always expressed his appreciation for Kobe over the years, even recording a song named after the late Lakers legend. The caption, however, had many of us scratching their heads. “The goat says im a GOAT,” he wrote along side GOAT emojis.

Rich the child was immediately flamed for the caption. a couple of people suggested that Wayne was likely very stoned when he said that and it seems that RTK took notice. He has since changed the caption to easily include the hush emoji, then to incorporate two GOAT emojis side by side.

The two have previously worked together on “End Of Discussion” and “Body Bag” from Rich the child and NBA Youngboy’s collaborative project.

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