Ray Moon Comes Through With A Lovely R&B Effort In “GLOWIN”

Ray Moon has proven herself to be quite the talented artist as she continues to drop some dope R&B jams that speak to her personal experiences and struggles. On Friday, she delivered her brand new single called “GLOWIN” and this is poised to be one of her biggest songs yet as she speaks on a recent breakup and the glow up that can occur when you set yourself free.

“In order to glow you have to grow. You have to experience relationships, friendships, financial hardship, LIFE ITS SELF,” she said in a press release. “So when you see growth you can recognize it and embrace your growth that we call ‘Glowin.’ I’ve been in the darkest places many times so I am able to realize when I’m glowing and growing, I’m also able to see when someone is glowing as well. To me Glowing means happiness. I want you to feel it and I want you to see it.”

Throughout the track, we get some gorgeous guitar loops and whimsical soundscapes that help complement the singer’s soaring voice. There are plenty of vibes to be had here and we can’t wait for the warm weather as this song is certainly going to be perfect for those late-night drives in the Spring.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ouuu, let’s get right
This love is forever until we die
I’ve been waiting for you my whole life
Pack your bags we’re gonna take a flight

Source: HNH

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