Pusha T Apparently Making “The Best Music Of His Life”

When Pusha T released Daytona in 2018, not to mention another track that certainly grabbed attention, many were left reevaluating their conceptions of the best rapper alive. Sure, Pusha has been consistently putting in work for nearly twenty years, but his latest solo album was the equivalent of a cold-water bucket poured atop a daydreamer. In its wake, Pusha has been damn near revered as a lyricist, receiving more flowers from his peers than ever before — and it would appear that’s only going to improve in the near future, as the man himself recently predicted.

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With his Daytona follow-up currently in the works, set to feature production from two of his most effective collaborators in Kanye West and The Neptunes, many have been eager to see how Pusha improves on his acclaimed magnum opus. And though some might have believed it to be an impossible task, a tweet from Twitter account Upscale Vandal seems to indicate that Pusha’s ascent will only continue, based on the previews he recently heard.

“I just wanted to let y’all know that today i heard my 3rd verse and second beat of whatever @PUSHA_T is working on and it’s confirmed that he’s making the best music of his life,” he writes, in a tweet shared by Elliott Wilson. “Quote me from now for when the critics start the think pieces…God bless you rappers when this drop.” When asked whether or not the project will indeed top Daytona, Vandal kept the hype train rolling. “Too early to tell because Daytona casts the biggest shadow,” he acknowledges. “However if i were to put these 2 songs vs the first two songs i heard that ended up on Daytona…so far it’s scary is all ima say.”

Scary indeed. Though we have yet to catch wind of any Pusha T release plans, it bodes well that these early reactions are so promising. Are you excited to see what Pusha T has been cooking up?

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