Pooh Shiesty Grabs 21 Savage And A “Box Of Churches”

Pooh Shiesty has a lot of hype behind him, and it’s all warranted. Finally, it feels like Gucci Mane might have utilized his A&R skills to find a rapper that will stick around for longer than a few years, introducing the world to Memphis go-getter Pooh Shiesty, who just released his debut mixtape Shiesty Season.

One of the most exciting new releases of the day comes hours after Pooh Shiesty earned a gold plaque for “Back In Blood” with Lil Durk, which has been a standout track for the rapper during his young career. Shiesty Season is filled with songs that will help you learn about Pooh’s upbringing and his life in the streets, with “Box Of Churches” offering a new perspective on the struggles the 21-year-old has faced until now.

“Though I’m still posted on the block, eat a box of Church’s before a steak,” says Pooh in the song, referencing his roots and uncovering more of his story. Produced by X-Plosive and Abaz, the song features a verse from 21 Savage, who ups the energy with a more quick-paced delivery. 

Listen to Pooh Shiesty’s debut mixtape Shiesty Season here and check out “Box Of Churches” below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Who want smoke? Tell him meet face-to-face
Remember back in eleventh grade, I dirtied up my only K
Get my round applause, in a couple months I done made a way
I’m why n***as dropped the Rollies and went to the Cartiers
Know I’m a hood n***a, I mismatch designer with the Js
Though I’m still posted on the block, eat a box of Church’s before a steak
Amiris and the Burberry trench coat, extend, I hide the Drac’
Backdoor gang, I’m king snake, still quick to bake your ass a cake

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