OMB Peezy Explains Why Rappers Should Avoid Signing To Other Artists

OMB Peezy Explains Why Rappers Should Avoid Signing To Other Artists.

He spoke about his affect E-40’s Sick Wid It Records & how rapper CEOs are often concerned with their own careers first.
There has been an excellent debate within the music industry regarding artists signing other artists. we have seen artists take other aspiring rap stars under their wings to assist mold and shape them into their crew, but that does not always spell a successful Rap career. There are many rappers who have found fame because of linking with a veteran artist, very similar to OMB Peezy did when he signed to E-40’s Sick Wid It Records.

“I had a partnership with 40 but I desire , sh*t, i used to be sort of a caterpillar, you recognize what I’m sayin’,” Peezy recently told the hosts of massive Facts Podcast. “I’m trying to grow into a butterfly and you cannot grow into a butterfly during a cocoon. I desire Sick Wid it had been a cocoon, feel me? [E-40 is an] artist and a CEO. I desire , if I could return in time, I’d sign to a straight CEO. Somebody who gon’ be worried about my career the maximum amount as i’m .”

“No disrespect to 40, changed a n*gga life, for real,” Peezy added. “Me, if i used to be a CEO and not an artist, I’d be like, ‘Okay, I got hook up with this artist, so I’m gonna get this artist for this artist.’ It’s features that he’ll get, but he’ll get him for himself. He got n*ggas like me, Nef the Pharaoh, and sh*t like that who would blow with these songs, but I just felt like, that wasn’t the place with me.”

OMB Peezy advised that any artist starting out or rising within the Rap game should avoid inking deals with other artists who are looking to expand their brand. “You gotta be a true CEO. you cannot like, be more focused on rappin’ than [being a] CEO… you cannot be playin’ wit’ nobody life.


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