NBA YoungBoy’s Mother Cusses Out Wendy Williams.

NBA YoungBoy’s Mother Cusses Out Wendy Williams.

Sherhonda Gaulden took to social media to share how she felt about Williams speaking about her son on her show.
She already penned a message to the general public about criticizing her son’s recent arrest, but Sherhonda Gaulden had a couple of extra words for Wendy Williams. We’ve previously reported that NBA YoungBoy was arrested in l. a. after a reported brief high-speed pursuit. There was said to be a federal bench warrant out for the rapper and police attempted to tug over a vehicle YoungBoy was riding in. Once the pursuit was over, the rapper ran off on foot before being located with the assistance of a K-9 unit.

“Stop worrying about somebody down fall and pray for your own come up,” Sherhonda penned on her Instagram Story following her son’s arrest. Wendy Williams isn’t one to avoid controversial topics on her show, and she or he condemned YoungBoy for engaging during a pursuit. “He’s need to attend jail,” said Williams. “How does one do a hot pursuit. There are innocent people out here. you’ll have hurt innocent people in your hot pursuit and running through people’s backyards. Nobody wants that. bringing down the property value.”

“And how is it that you simply do what you are doing with seven kids and only 21-years-old,” she added before mentioning the mother of 1 of YoungBoy’s children. “And i’m wondering what Yaya Mayweather’s father Floyd [Mayweather] is saying about this.” Mama Gaulden wasn’t proud of Williams’s critiques and left a message on social media.

“F*ck Wendy Williams around here letting a half dead 90 year old man suck her d*ck worried about my child stop tagging me in bullsh*t.” Well, then.


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