Michael Jordan Reveals What He Admires Most About Tom Brady

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest athletes of all-time and has six NBA titles to his name. When it comes to winning championships, Jordan knows exactly what kind of mentality you need to have, and he has always been critical of those who need extra motivation just to go out and do their job. As a result, Jordan has always admired Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, who is gearing up to play in his 10th Super Bowl, where he may very well win his seventh title.

While speaking to Associated Press reporter Jim Litke, Jordan got to talk about Brady and what he likes the most about the legendary quarterback. As Jordan explained, Brady’s mental game is unlike anything he has seen, and it’s ultimately why he keeps winning this late into his career.

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“I’ve known Tom for a long time, and to me, his intelligence and sheer determination to win are off the charts,” Jordan said. “That unrelenting drive is what truly sets him apart from anyone else in the game.”

When Brady takes the field on Sunday, he will be up against a formidable opponent in Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s going to be a game for the ages, and you can read our prediction, here.

Tom Brady

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