Meet Independent Artiste Biseeya

Meet Independent Artist Biseeya.

Fresno native, Biseeya who continues to evolve and grow in his career as an independent R&B artist shows you what he’s all about.

His sound speaks for itself, versatile with a Hip-Hop/R&B West Coast sound. ranging from SoundCloud sort of a majority of independent artists he knows how far he has paved his own way.

Writing his own lyrics for all his songs. “I’ve also written hooks for other artists,” but he realized redirecting his focus will help him grow his career.

During that point he knew what he wanted and began recording/producing. Keeping his head high and remembering who he’s doing this for. “My motivation is my family, my girl, my team, my homies, myself.

this is often Fresno, we’ve nothing, many folks don’t really come from anything, my parents were the primary in their families to interrupt the entire “poverty” or “poor” cycle for his or her families.“ Says the Fresno native independent artist.

Biseeya old flame was football. “I played defensive end and end due to my size and skill to maneuver round the lineman quick enough to be within the backfield by the time the quarterback rotated to throw for a pass.”

His ally may be a professional MMA fighter and inspired him to require up boxing. “I feel I’ve always had hidden athletic talents, I just wasn’t the foremost focused within the classroom.

That’s what really stopped from pursuing the school level and continuing any quite school and sports career.”

Peep his latest single of 2021 down below and tap in with him on all his social media!

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