Lil Uzi Vert Compares Himself To Vision After Diamond Implant

Lil Uzi Vert has been making waves this week following his controversial decision to get a pink diamond placed in his forehead. The diamond reportedly cost the rapper a whopping $24 million and many fellow musicians have criticized Uzi for the move. As for the fans, they have mostly been mortified by the move, which has proven to be quite dangerous for Uzi who said the diamond has the potential to kill him.

Despite all of this criticism, Uzi has continued to march on without a single care in the world. In fact, Uzi took to Twitter with a message for his haters in which he said that they have a lot of nerve and need to shut up, expeditiously.

“Let me educate y’all real quick, ’cause you know, when you don’t know, you judge. So it automatically puts you in the negative. And I’m not in the negative in any way shape or form,” Uzi said. “Y’all talk about my net worth, and my net worth is bigger than– any celebrity can talk about my net worth. It’s bigger than yours. But, it’s neither here or there. It’s only a piercing, guys. I done had 10,000 piercings in my face and when I had my piercing in my face last time, y’all was going in on me. And as soon as I make a hit, oh oh oh oh, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. B*tch, relax. That’s why y’all face don’t have nothing on it and that’s why my face have everything I ever wanted to put on there. You know what’s on y’all face though ’cause y’all d*ck-sucking. Y’all got a lot of nerve.”

Now, Uzi is back, this time with a quick Instagram post in which he appears unbothered, all while sporting his precious diamond. In the post below, Uzi even compares himself to the Marvel character Vision, who infamous has an Infinity Stone in his head. Needless to say, the rapper is keeping up with the memes.

At this point, Uzi seems pretty confident with his latest decision, and considering it cost $24 million, we doubt it will be coming out of his forehead anytime soon.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Power 105.1

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