Lil Uzi Vert Claps Back At His Forehead Diamond Critics

Lil Uzi Vert has always had a very distinguishable look. If you see him walking down the street, you would instantly recognize him. This week, the Philadephia rapper made it that much easier to notice him from a few blocks away by getting a $24 million diamond pierced onto his forehead. The rapper claims that he’s been paying for the diamond for the last four years, finally getting rid of his debt and completing the implant procedure. 

Everybody seems to have an opinion about the diamond sitting pretty on Uzi’s face, including Young Thug, Sauce Walka, and others. People have been flooding the superstar’s comments on every social media platform with questions about the jewelry acquisition, prompting Uzi to clear up some things quickly with a 1-minute voice note on Twitter, talking back against his haters.

“Let me educate y’all real quick, ’cause you know, when you don’t know, you judge. So it automatically puts you in the negative. And I’m not in the negative in any way shape or form,” he said. “Y’all talk about my net worth, and my net worth is bigger than– any celebrity can talk about my net worth. It’s bigger than yours. But, it’s neither here or there. It’s only a piercing, guys. I done had 10,000 piercings in my face and when I had my piercing in my face last time, y’all was going in on me. And as soon as I make a hit, oh oh oh oh, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. B*tch, relax. That’s why y’all face don’t have nothing on it and that’s why my face have everything I ever wanted to put on there. You know what’s on y’all face though ’cause y’all d*ck-sucking. Y’all got a lot of nerve.”

He went on to clap back at a fan who said his manhood was stripped from him when he got his forehead diamond, saying, “My manhood n***a I will always have that!!!!! it’s a Piercing that can heal.”

He also contemplated a permanent move to Japan and promised a fan that he will work harder to make better music.

What do you think of Lil Uzi Vert’s $24 million piercing?

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