Lil Baby Tease His Brand New Single On Instagram

Lil Baby Tease His Brand New Single On Instagram.

Given how absolutely massive his 2020 campaign was, some have speculated that Atlanta rapper Lil Baby would face pressure to retain his momentum. Yet all signs point to him remaining cool, calm, and picked up moving forward,
to the purpose where Baby is already looking to begin a rollout for his next project.Today, the superstar took to Instagram to share a glimpse at his upcoming single, which appears to be coming complete with some accompanying visuals.
“Keep My Cool An Beat The System,” captions Baby, a lyric that a number of his die-hard fans have already come to acknowledge
In fact, the tentatively titled “God’s My Witness” has been unreleased for a moment now, a possible inclusion on Lil Baby’s anticipated new album; it’s unclear on whether or not the ultimate version will differ from what has surfaced, though it won’t be for much longer before we discover out.

“I asked God for forgiveness so I can’t rap on ni*gas, but I let God be my witness that we done stepped on ni*gas,” he raps,
over an instrumental from Section 8.
“I can afford to shop for a military , but i ended buying pistols / but I just hope that you simply ain’t therein car once we do catch up with ’em.”
Though we’ve yet to receive a correct release date for the upcoming single, don’t be surprised to ascertain this one land as soon as this coming Friday. Are you excited for an additional new drop from Lil Baby?

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