Lil Baby React to DaBaby’s New Freestyle, Saying “Who Pissed You Off?

Lil Baby React to DaBaby’s New Freestyle, Saying “Who Pissed You Off?”

DaBaby impresses together with his high-octane rendition of SpotemGottem’s “Beatbox”.
One of the most well liked challenges on the web immediately centers around SpotemGottem’s viral hit record “Beatbox”. we have seen Meek Mill and Lil Baby attempt the “Junebug Challenge”, which was derived by a dancer using this track as a backdrop. Multiple artists have tried to select abreast of the momentum of the track, which took social media by storm, recording freestyles over the instrumental and hoping for a few traction. DaBaby is one among the foremost popular rappers within the world and he just issued yet one more boost to the challenge, sharing his own freestyle over “Beatbox”.

Baby Jesus flow all 2021,” wrote the Charlotte native on Instagram. His screen-recorded video includes audio from his “Beatbox” freestyle, which was seemingly recorded on Thursday morning. “Best motherf*cking rapper, this Baby n***a, let’s go,” says the 29-year-old to start out off the track. In his first verse, he references the TikTok challenge surrounding the song, using his quick-paced flow to dictate the pace of the record.
His combat the beat has left fans wishing for a full release. Even a number of Baby’s peers, including Atlanta rapper Lil Baby, are impressed (and frankly surprised) by how he skated over the song. “I’m saying that’s how you are feeling this morning??” asked the My Turn rapper within the comments. “Who pissed you off.”


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