Lil Baby, DaBaby, & Lil Durk Link Up At The Jewelry Store

What happens when Lil Baby, DaBaby, and Lil Durk walk into the jewelry store? Well, a lot of money is spent, of course.

The trio of superstar rappers linked up on Thursday afternoon, seemingly organizing a trip to Icebox, one of the most famed jewelry providers in the hip-hop world, where they chatted for some time before likely making their purchases. The trip was documented via Lil Baby and Lil Durk’s Instagram pages, while the event was seemingly not impactful enough to even warrant a post on DaBaby’s Instagram Story. 

Lil Baby and Lil Durk were likely together to film the music video for their latest collaboration “Finesse Out The Gang Way”, which was released as part of Smurk’s deluxe copy of The Voice. The record is a favorite from the album’s extension, and clips of them filming the video can be seen on both of their pages, as well as across social media.

Obviously, a link-up of this magnitude is big for hip-hop fans. Maybe there was talk of a three-way collaboration, à la “Three-Headed Goat” with each of the three superstars offering their signature flows and deliveries? A man can hope.

Baby, Baby, and Durk are three of the biggest rappers in the world. Let us know which one of the three is your favorite and cross your fingers for an upcoming collab from them.

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