LeBron James Jokes About Not Being Able To Handle Double-Overtime

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have been looking fantastic this year, although there have certainly been some lows along the way. For instance, superstar Anthony Davis hasn’t been able to replicate the magic from last season, which has left some fans worried about this team’s long-term potential. Last night, however, both James and Davis were on top of their games as the Lakers defeated the Detroit Pistons, 135-129 in double-overtime.

James was the one who helped seal the game as he notched two step-back threes late in the second overtime, to put the game away. Following the match, James was asked about his performance, to which he joked that these long games simply aren’t sustainable for his body and that he wanted to end the game so he could get back to his wine.

“I was just ready to go,” James said. “I’m 36 years old, and … my heart is not sustainable for two overtimes at this point in my career. I’ve got a bottle of wine at home ready to be opened, and I delayed it for two overtime periods.”

The Lakers were only given 70 days to recover in between the start of the season and the NBA Finals, so it only makes sense that games like this one would prove to be sluggish for the team. As the season goes on, conditioning could prove to be problematic, although the Lakers will be determined to prove people wrong and win that Chip for a second-straight year.

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