Lauren London And Pregnancy Rumors After Outlet Says It’s “Confirmed”

Lauren London And Pregnancy Rumors After Outlet Says It’s “Confirmed”

A report about Lauren London has caused the actress to become a trending topic. London has always maintained a coffee profile because it pertained to her personal life, only giving the planet a glimpse of her romance with the late Nipsey Hussle before and after his untimely death. She’s been unproblematic and has used her time in community building as she’s given back to those in need, so it came as a surprise when the l. a. Sentinel reported that they confirmed the news that London is big before a proper announcement.
The long-running weekly newspaper has been operational for over 70 years and boasts headquarters on Crenshaw Blvd. in l. a. . Hours ago, the L.A. Sentinel tweeted out a link to their article where they write: “A L.A. Sentinel source confirmed that actress Lauren Nicole London is pregnant. Information remains being gathered, but there’s an undeniable sense of heat surrounding the news.”

“The American actress, model, and tv personality has experienced many various levels of grief behind losing her spouse and father to her child, Nipsey Hussle, but being a mother has been an anchor through her waves of sadness,” the outlet continued. “The ATL film star is looking to celebrate later in the week , with an intimate baby shower.”
Since the passing of Nipsey Hussle, London’s name has been at the middle of several rumors, many who had to try to to together with her alleged relationships with other celebrities. The mother of two has often chosen to ignore the gossip and instead continues to share information on social media about Nipsey’s posthumous initiatives, business partnerships, and music-related releases. inspect a couple of reactions to the rumor below.

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