Just In New York announces PopsUp festival

Just In New York announces PopsUp festival.

The State of latest York has announced NY PopsUp, a festival of quite 300 free live shows to assist “revitalise the spirit and emotional well-being of latest Yorkers”.
Set to start on February 20 and run until Labor Day (September 6), NY PopsUp has been green-lit in the week by Governor of latest York Andrew M. Cuomo.

Described as “an expansive festival consisting of many pop-up performances which will regularly permeate the daily lives of latest Yorkers”, it’s hoped that the “energy of live performance” caused by NY PopsUp will help revitalise people and therefore the live show business across the state of latest York during the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 300 free live shows, which can happen in parks, museums and car parks also as on subway platforms and in stations, are being curated for NY PopsUp, with the likes of Dev Hynes, Patti Smith, Q-Tip, Chris Rock and Hugh Jackman ready to be involved.
Billed as a “pilot program”, it’s hoped that NY PopsUp will provide a model for hosting safe live events following the coronavirus-enforced shutdown. Reopening multidisciplinary indoor flexible venues (“flex venues”) throughout the state of latest York to participate within the festival – with social distancing and appropriate safety measures in situ – later this year is another aim of NY PopsUp.

Many of the festival’s events won’t be announced beforehand to stop large crowds from attending.

“We’re trying to string the needle,” Governor Cuomo told the ny Times. “We want the performances. We don’t want mass gatherings, we don’t want large crowds.”

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