J. Cole Might Have Actually Tried Out For The Detroit Pistons

J. Cole Might Have Actually Tried Out For The Detroit Pistons

J. Cole’s manager recently posted pictures from the Detroit Pistons’ training facility.
The Detroit Pistons extended a call for participation for multi-platinum recording artist J. Cole to undertake out for his or her team back in August 2020, and it seems as if the rapper may need finally taken the offer.

Generally, wherever Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad goes, J. Cole isn’t too far behind. The rapper’s manager recently revealed that he was present at the Detroit Pistons’ training facility, sharing a photograph from their state-of-the-art headquarters. Alongside seven others, Ibrahim Hamad was welcomed by the team, thanking the organization for his or her hospitality directly following their meeting. Cole’s name wasn’t on the banner addressing his manager, but the sheer presence of Ib at the Pistons’ facility has brought back speculation that the North Carolina-based rapper might be planning a move to the NBA.

Considering the team previously offered Cole a tryout for his or her team, it’s possible that they could be in preliminary talks to welcome him on their roster for next year. Of course, this might even be unrelated to Cole’s own basketball aspirations as Ib could be representing somebody else or performing on some alternate business with the squad.

Recently, Snoop Dogg pitched a hip-hop basketball on Instagram, which might include J. Cole. Perhaps we’ll see that get a date so we will inspect even more of the NBA hopeful’s game.


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