Chelsea Handler Recalls A “Weird” Dinner Party At Jeffery Epstein’s House

Chelsea Handler says she once attended a dinner party at Jeffrey Epstein’s home, along with numerous other celebrities. Handler recalled the “so awkward and so weird” night on the Literally! With Rob Lowe podcast, Wednesday.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

“I did go to dinner at Jeffrey Epstein’s house,” Handler told Lowe. “I didn’t know who Jeffrey Epstein was. It was like twenty — I don’t know what year it was but it was a long time ago. I went with Katie Couric. Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn were there. Charlie Rose was there.”

She added that she left after interacting with Allen and Previn: “Yeah, we had dinner and it was so awkward and so weird. I was like what are we doing here? And then I asked Woody Allen how he and Soon Yi met and that was when I left.”

Previn is the adopted daughter of Allen’s ex, Mia Farrow, and 35 years younger than Allen. They married in 1997 and their relationship received significant media attention.

Handler added that the dinner party was the only time she’s interacted with Epstein.

“I’ve never been on the private island and I’ve never been on his plane. I’ve met him one time and that was the time,” she told Lowe.


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