Cardi B & Rah Ali Reignite Feud Over Another Rapper Dissing Kulture

Cardi B & Rah Ali Reignite Feud Over Another Rapper Dissing Kulture.

It didn’t take long for Cardi to catch wind of the post and she or he called out Rah Ali. “B*tches post me on they sh*t everyday and that i haven’t said a word and that is what bothers them soo they struggle to play wit the person i do not play about and that is my child,” wrote Cardi. “Yet, victimize themselves when some1 says they beating the baby out of them after months of her harassing a b*tch.” The “baby” mention is about Rah Ali’s previous argument with Ari Fletcher.

The rapper’s fans came forward to call Rah Ali “obsessed,” causing Cardi to continue her rant. “She’s disgusting .Blocking and deleting people telling her she’s wrong for posting something mentioning my child …but she only try me & Ari for clout but on my life imma handle her face to face ,” Cardi added. “Say wat you would like but you not going 2 try me wit my kid.” The rapper also accused Ali of “gaslighting” her so as to urge a response.Cardi B, Rah Ali, Kulture, Beef

Rah didn’t hesitate to clap back.. “Cardi, shut yo dumb non English speaking ass up,” Ali replied. “I’m uninterested in trying to sound out your sentences. If you’ve got a drag , take it up with the person wwho wrote the diss track not me because my media company @Its_Onsite posted it.” She added, “I didn’t mention your child nor would I ever. The one that wrote the diss track did. you’re a BOZO! and you are not getting to do SH*T. Why don’t you choose up a pen and write back? That’s not an option huh?”

Ali returned to once more insult the way Cardi speaks and added that she’s not scared of the rapper’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, either. It seems that when Hennessy heard the diss, she promised to resolve this issue in-person.

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