Bebe Rexha Says Grammys Pick Artists Based On “Who’s Paying Off Who”

Bebe Rexha Says Grammys Pick Artists Based On “Who’s Paying Off Who”

The singer shared a couple of thoughts about the award show & joined the list of artists who call The Recording Academy “corrupted.”
The Grammys remain a hot topic days following their 63rd award ceremony as artists still discuss if they believe The Recording Academy is corrupt. per annum the Grammy nominations and wins ruffle feathers, but this go ’round shocked even industry professionals.

The Weeknd’s After Hours was hailed together of the simplest releases of 2020, it led to a themed Super Bowl performance, and earned No. 1 spots for the album and its subsequent singles, but he was snubbed across the board.

After not receiving any nominations and, consistent with The Weeknd, not even an invitation to the show, the singer determined that he would not submit his music to the Grammys for the rest of his career.

The treatment of The Weeknd prompted several discussions regarding the validity of The Recording Academy’s voting process, and consistent with Bebe Rexha, people could also be voting in line with who slipped them a couple of dollars. “This deserved it,” said Rexha during a brief clip shared online. “This deserved a f*cking Grammy. i do not understand the Grammy criteria, either, but i feel , lowkey, it’s about like, who’s paying off who. Just saying.” Over her video, she wrote, “The Grammy’s are corrupted.”

Following her triple win, Megan Thee Stallion was asked if the Grammys were dishonest, and therefore the rapper said, “The Grammys ain’t rigged. B*tch, you win some, you lose some.”

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