50 Cent Hosts Raging Super Bowl Party With Hundreds Of Maskless People

At this point, repeating the COVID-19 precautions is beginning to sound like a broken record. As many health professionals and government officials have urged, people should avoid hosting large gatherings right now as the pandemic roars on. They add that if you absolutely must have one of these events, all individuals should be required to be suited up with a mask. Never one to care about rules of order, 50 Cent is the latest celeb to throw a COVID-oblivious party. 

The New York-bred mogul hosted a wild Super Bowl party on Friday night (February 6) ahead of the coveted football event. The party went down in St. Petersburg in a private airport hangar, and was originally intended to have everyone masked-up, with limited capacity and room for social distancing. Pictures from the event show this was not the case, with footage from the party presenting a packed house. 

Doors opened at 9 pm for the Super Bowl fest, with tickets ranging from $85 for general admission to $7k for a stage table. The party went on past midnight and 50 is scheduled to perform at part two of the bash tonight. 

Tory Lanez caught flack yesterday as well for throwing a wild Super Bowl party where hundreds of guests were seen maskless. 


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