21 Savage & Sauce Walka Squash The Tension

Over the past day or two, Sauce Walka and 21 Savage appeared to be on the verge of a serious conflict, one that seemed to escalate over off-hand comments made Clubhouse chatrooms. Given that both artists are enjoying solid musical runs and securing bags, the prospect of seeing them embroiled in a potentially harmful conflict was alarming to be sure. Especially during a time where many rappers have lost their lives in violent situations, many times sparked by rivalries beyond the booth.

Luckily, cooler heads were able to prevail. Following a pointed warning from Sauce Walka, 21 Savage made sure to reach out and bury the hatchet, sliding into the rapper’s DMs with a clarification. “Ion want no smoke gang,” writes Savage, presenting a jovial tone by way of several “tears of laughter” emojis. The admission was enough for Sauce to live and let live, confirming to his fans that he had effectively forgiven the rapper and squashed the budding beef entirely.

“We all good,” confirms a laughing Sauce, in a post captured by Akademiks. “My boy was almost burnt crapes on.” While it’s certainly welcome to see the conflict squashed before anything could transpire, it goes to show that bringing up names in a negative light will seldom have a favorable outcome. Big props to both parties for being the bigger person, and who knows — maybe one day we’ll see Sauce Walka and 21 collaborate in some capacity, unlikely though it may be. Check out the olive branch below. 

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